The eloZ1 Manufacturing Defects Analyzer is an in-circuit tester of the very latest generation, reliably detecting connection and assembly faults on printed circuit board assemblies. The eloZ1-400 is the compact version of the eloZ1. It is particularly suitable if there is only limited space to fit test appliances. The eloZ1-400 can also be used as a mobile test system.

Hardware Architecture

The eloZ1 is designed as a modular system. It can be customized to the respective test application.

Stimulus Unit

  • The analog section is galvanically isolated from the digital section.
  • Each generator has its own power supply.
  • The stimulus unit can be used as a voltage source or as a current source.
  • Basic version: up to ±10 V and up to ±1 A.
  • Sense lines allow precision measurements with controlled voltage at the UUT.
  • Current and voltage are measured dynamically and simultaneously.

Switching Matrix

  • A multiplexer joins the eight internal analog rails to four rails.
  • A full matrix connects the four rails to the test pins.


  • Functional tests
  • Programming of Flash IC's etc
  • Boundary Scan